An exceptional mobile dashboard that reinvents reporting

Your company at your fingertips


It’s now over with illegible report overload in your email box or data that is complex to collect. Your dashboard is delivering the information you need to understand what’s going on in your business and make good decisions.


A new experience in operational management

You have real time data, easily accessible and always at your disposal to help you manage your business.

Save time and increase efficiency

You will quickly feel at ease with your dashboards, like with an iPhone. It will help you extract, with your expertise, the facts for relevant information.

Happy and engaged employees

Being happy and engaged at work needs understanding of its activity and pleasure to use beautiful dashboards. Your inspired and engaged team will then go the extra mile.

Regain Power

You will be able to work in total autonomy without the support of your IT department. You will build and spread your dashboards by your own.


Why Captain Dash ?

To break silos. To be more agile. To have a cross-department, division and brand view. To simplify the daily life of your co-workers. To optimise your operations.

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The power of simplicity

Apple showed us the way: Simplicity is the best way to efficiency. All our features are developed with this philosophy. Our solutions are simple to setup, simple to use and simple to spread.


The efficiency of Data Visualisation

The design and elegance of our data visualisation will reveal your business from a different angle. Leveraging our maps, you will understand the evolution of your territories.


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Improved collaboration

For us a dashboard is not a reporting tool, it’s a collaboration platform. Your co-workers can optimize the data points with facts to help you understand faster and more easily your business.


Automated data collection

It’s over with manual data collection. Our robots work for you. They collect dynamically your data and deliver up to date KPIs.

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Easy to build Dashboard

You have an access to a user interface to build and modify a dashboard without technical skills. It’s as simple as publishing a post on a blog or on a social media.


Secure your dashboards

Reports are too often sent via email boxes that cannot be controlled. Security is our obsession. From now on your dashboards are safe, highly secure and under control

They chose Captain Dash


It’s a revolution for business management
— Catherine Reljvic, CRM, Studies, Business Management - Caisse d'Epargne
It’s easy to read and simple
— Julien Marlot, Head of Customer Experience Digital Solution - Unibail-Rodamco
It makes you want to use your data
— Cecile Lagé, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, La Française des Jeux (FDJ)
With Captain Dash, we have a perfect vision of where our company is but also where we do have to act. It helps us in decision-making and action.
— Agata Pudelek, Deputy CEO - Pierre Hermé Paris

Captain Dash is for you

For your mission

We have developed dedicated KPIs, dataviz and connectors for your mission

  • Executive Committee
  • Executive Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Digital Transformation
  • eCommerce

For your industry

We have developed solutions dedicated to your challenges and the culture of your industry

  • Bank - Insurance
  • Retail
  • FMCG
  • Telco
  • Leasure
  • Transportation
  • Services

For your data

We can get data dynamically from different types of sources:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Excel, csv
  • Relation Cube
  • API Analytics
  • API Social
  • Open data

A “no-surprise” investment

A controlled price setting based on the level of support you need


Self service

You build your own dashboards and connect your data with our intuitive “data management platform”.

You have phone support.

You have more than 30 connectors towards the main API platforms of the market and you can also upload flat files (excel, csv) or cubes.

3 of your co-workers can access the studio platform to build dashboards.

You can edit up to 10 reports and share them with up to 20 co-workers.

Investment: 490€ / month.

Support premium

Our consultants and engineers assist you in the conception of your dashboards and the integration of your data.

Premium helpdesk.

You have more than 30 connectors towards the main API platforms of the market and you can also upload flat files (excel, csv) or cubes.

10 of your co-workers can access the Captain Dash’ report building tool.

3 of your co-workers can access the studio platform to build dashboards

You can edit up to 20 reports and share them with up to 100 co-workers.

Investment: 1000€ / month.

Large enterprise

You need to be accompanied in the setup of your reporting and the synchronisation of data from your different IT systems.

We deliver your own workshops of design thinking to identify, with your co-workers, the good indicators and the most relevant dataviz.

Our teams manage the identification and the data collection from your different sources.

We can build a non-intrusive architecture with micro-services to quickly collect your data.


Start now a new experience in operational management!

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