Why Captain Dash?

To break down silos. To be more agile. To see beyond departments. To have a global view of your brand. To simplify the daily life of your team members. To optimize your operations.

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The power of simplicity

Apple showed us the way: Simplicity is the best way to efficiency. All our features are developed with this philosophy. Our solutions are simple to setup, simple to use and simple to share.


The efficiency of Data Visualization

The design and elegance of our data visualization will reveal your business in a new light. Leveraging your maps, you will understand the evolution of your territories.


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Improved collaboration

For us a dashboard is not a reporting tool, it’s a collaboration platform. Your team members can optimize the data points with facts to help you understand your business better and faster.


Automated data collection

Let our robots collect for you in real-time. Your dashboard delivers interactive data and up-to-date KPIs.

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Easy-to-build Dashboard

Access to a user interface to build and modify a dashboard. No technical skills necessary. It’s as simple as publishing a post on a blog or on a social media.


Secure your dashboards

Reports are too often sent via email boxes that cannot be controlled. Securing access to information is our priority. From now on your dashboards are safe, highly secure and under control