Our consulting services

We help our clients in data transformation. We help them identify use that can be quickly prototyped and we streamline the analysis of their data


Data Centric and Agile 

Main benefits of our consulting projects and missions

  1. They are short, to see results quickly
  2. They stimulate collective intelligence by using methodologies coming from software development like Agile methods.
  3. They are based on a Big data / Microservices Architecture experience in complex environments.

Leveraging your company’s data

The promise of big data has not yet delivered convincing results, mainly because of complexity and costs, and sometimes due to the lack of alignment with business needs

Challenges that we address :

  1. How to convince the executive board of the concrete business contribution of data solutions
  2. How to set up a data lake? A data governance?
  3. How to identify and collect data? Identify and assess vendors? The future clients?
  4. How to deliver quickly use cases?

We help our clients identify use that can be quickly prototyped to be proved relevant for the company’s strategy. We translate business needs into IT requirements ensuring alignment

Methodology: Gamification, exploratory design thinking workshops, Scrum



Bringing your customer data to life

The proliferation of customer data and omnicanal behaviours implicates the analysis of the customer base to visit again segments or redefine the segmentation.

Customer data, when well segmented, analised and sometimes enriched with external data, enables stream of additional revenues, created by an improvement of operational excellence or new services/products.

Challenges we tackle :

  1. How to segment the CRM base for use cases of customer service, sales and marketing, and improve of customer experience?
  2. How to anticipate the intention of purchase of my products and services?
  3. How to increase the relevancy of my messages and contents?

We perform the analysis of your customer base, we surface patterns and insights and recommend paths to test new services and products quickly. Proposing a new approach to your data set with the help of our data scientists.

We use codes and tools of data science: R, R-Studio, Spark. Exploratory analysis, regression, simulation, segmentation.



The devOps methodologies applied to the transformation of organisations

The organisation suffers transformations which requires a new way of thinking, and a new approach to manage and execute strategy.


Methodologies coming from the world of startups feed these needs of alignment, speed, creation of new services and products. The Lean and Scrum methods enable technical teams and businesses to improve their operational excellence. Finally a DevOps organisation includes developers into the chain of code production, to deliver regularly and simply increments of their code.

Goals we address:

  1. How to stimulate collective intelligence in alignment with the transformation plan of the company
  2. How to increase agility and show results quickly on digital transformation
  3. How to refocus the firm on customer needs, quickly

We help you in your transformation program by leveraging Data with tools and methodologies from the startup universe.

Lean management, Kanbans, Scrum are the best vehicles to accelerate the transformation programs