Your business at your fingertips


With Captain Dash, understanding your numbers becomes easy: no more unreadable reportings overload in your email box or complex data collection. Your dashboards deliver the information you need to understand what’s going on in your business and make good decisions.


A new experience of operational management

You have real time, engaging and readable data, always at your fingertips to manage your business.

Save time and improve efficiency

Know how to use an iPhone? You're good to go: your dashboards are highly user-friendly and intuitive, and designed to deliver the most accurate information, at any moment.

Strong employee engagement

Understanding the company's numbers and enjoying the use of engaging dashboards go a long way into making team members happy and inspired. Help your team push the limits of what they can accomplish.


Captain Dash offers the opportunity to work in total autonomy without the support of an IT department. Build and share dashboards on your own.